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Hello. My name is John Bear Ross, and like millions of other delusional types, I think I'm a writer. To make things worse, I think I'm a science fiction writer. I'm a man of multiple talents, sculpting and design being among them, but I'm also compelled to hammer away on a keyboard during hours I should be sleeping. Needless to say, caffeine and I are well aquainted.

I was recently published in a quarterly called A Thousand Faces. My short story, "Avatar Reborn," is one of my favorite pieces. Make sure you pick up or download a copy.

The Cover to A Thousand Faces #11

I've also had a story of mine about Secret Agent X published, in an anthology edited by Ron Fortier, available from Cornerstone Book Publishers.

Here's the cover to the book...

You can purchase the book by clicking here, which will take you to Airship 27's online store.

The print edition retails for about $25, but the online store's price is $18.50, and the digital download is only 5 bucks! Whattadeal!

If you're a submissions editor, you can get ahold of me at Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll be able to devote some time between other projects to bringing you more.

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