We'll Post The Hellion System Rules Soon...You'll Love It!

    The Hellion System is a set of universal ground combat rules, intended to be an "operating system" that you can plug infantry, tanks, giant mecha, superhumans, or even civil war cavalry, if you're so inclined.  It is infinitely scaleable, from 54mm miniatures down to 1/300th "Epic" scale battles.  Our chosen scale for our first release will be with 1/60th scale miniatures.  Please note that while the miniatures may be 1/60th scale, exact translations of their ranges would be impossible to play with.  For example, a plain-jane M-16A2 rifle has an effective range of 500 meters, or roughly 1600 feet.  Translated exactly to 1/60th scale, that's 27 feet!

     So, what we've done is chopped many of the weapons ranges down drastically, just so that you don't require a gaming table 28 feet long just to stay out of range.  Many long-range weapons will have ranges in the hundreds of inches, but they are basically treated as Line Of Sight weapons, where if they can see the target, it is within range.

Below are links to .pdf files that you can download, read, and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a program included with nearly any computer's initial software package.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free at their site, www.adobe.com

Feel free to download and print the .pdf files, but be reminded that this is free, but not charity.  Permission is given to print, distribute, or reproduce for playtest and evaluation, but not for sale or incorporation into your own rules set.

Click on the active links below to download .pdf files

The Free Hellion Rules System 0.2 

(74kb PDF file of the Quick and Dirty of The Hellion System)

Power-Armored Supersoldiers For Playtesting 

(158kb PDF file of Armored Supersoldiers of the Future, able to be used with figures you may already own.  Players who didn't want to buy a FOURTH edition of your rulebook and codexes, I'm looking your way on this one...)

Sample Superhumans For Playtesting

(172kb Zipped PDF file of Superhumans from Earth 402, an alternate Earth where superhumans walk (and fly) among men.)

Modern-Day Infantry

(265kb Zipped PDF file of Modern Infantrymen, able to be used with figures you may already own, including NATO, Warsaw Pact, or other forces)

Gunmen and Militia 

(53kb PDF file of armed civilians to use as rioters, terrorists, thugs, militia, or defensive homeowners)


Copyright (c) 2006 Hellion Productions, all right reserved

Permission is given for individuals to print and photocopy for playtest and evaluation, not for sale