Source Art for Hellion Productions' Upcoming 1/100th Scale Project.

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John Bear Ross, here. This page, along with my Prototyper page, serve to show you good folks what's cooking at the Hellion Design Bureau.

The 1/100th scale project I have in mind is a war-torn universe, where Mankind is up to his old ways of killing everything that he finds in his path towards interstellar expansion, including his fellow man. A number of human-based units are planned, as well as a few alien races that stand in the way of Mankind's new twist on Manifest Destiny amongst the stars.

New: Appearing on the fringes of human space, a new breed of combatant emerges: the sentient killing machines called the Dreadhulks. Drawing inspiration from such predecessors as Steve Jackson's Ogre series of games, Fred Saberhagen's Berzerker series of novels, and Keith Laumer's BOLO series of novels, the Dreadhulk concept also emerges to purge the stain of humanity from the universe.

An Overhead View of a Smaller Dreadhulk

A Side View Of A Dreadhulk, Along With Alternate Weapon Barrels

Accessories for Dreadhulks

Top View Of Dreadhulk Turrets With Multiple Main Guns


Next, civilian vehicles of the future.  For now, they're mainly just present-day styles with hover or skimmer modules in place of wheels, with some futuristic doo-dads placed to keep your interest. Besides their normal roles in society, these vehicles will some gamers as bases for objective markers, "technical" gun trucks, or vehicle bombs.

Hover Truck and Hover Sportscar.

A Hover Mini Truck and Hover Slugbug (Cheesy, I know, but it's just a doodle).


Here is the M-2116 Master Sergeant Saenz Heavy Hover Tank, named in honor of a friend of mine who was killed in action in Iraq.  You can learn more about Carlos' sacrifice here, at a page I have dedicated to him.

The Saenz Heavy Hovertank has been prototyped. The design was sold to a buyer in the United Kingdom. Look for it soon. News of it being offered by its new owner will also appear on this site.

Here's the original sketch of the M-2116 Saenz Heavy Hover Tank.

And here are the pics of the printed-out prototype.  This model turned out beautifully, and is a monster compared to the Quality Castings M-1 Abrams tank that is shown for comparison purposes.  These pics don't do the tank it's proper justice, but they are proof that progress is being made.  Check it out...

My other vehicle release will be the M-45A4 Fletcher Hover MICV, or Mechanized Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  Here is the Fletcher, freshly spit out of the 3d printer.  These photos don't do it justice, as the tank is a clear block of lasered resin and doesn't photograph well, but trust me, it's a tasty piece of futuristic armor.

This outlay was a sketch of a possible parts for the Fletcher.  Some stuff did not make it to the digital sculpt, as you can see (namely, I integrated the hover pods into the hull and dropped the gatling).


Also, here's a PDF of the word document that inspired it all...a piece I did for a paper modeling site for a future infantry squad, with accompanying text and cut-out figures.  The 2-dimensional cut-outs have tabs on the bottom to fold back and tape to pennies or small washers.

Realm Of Humanity Infantry Squad PDF

I commissioned a dozen sci-fi troopers a few years ago. Here's a peek at the first completed standing rifleman.  Click on the pics for full-sized versions...

and another...

Hard to believe they're only 18mm, or less than 3/4 inches tall! These sculpts have been delayed for a few years by circumstances out of my control. They may be my first attempts to carve tiny human figs instead of just monstrous tanks. Stay tuned.

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